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MS Libellule Upper Deck Boat Cruise : 2 hours


Boarding for a 2 hours boat cruise on the upper deck of the prestigious MS Libellule to take advantage of the charming of the landscape between lake and moutains.

You can either enjoy the beauty of the lake during the day, or during the sunset in the evening cruise as you've never seen it before.

From April, 28th till November, 12th, 2017

Boarding Departure Return
Midday cruise 12:00 p.m 12:30 p.m 2:30 p.m
Evening cruise 8:00 p.m 8:30 p.m 10:30 p.m


From July 14th till August, 20th, 2017
Boarding Additionnal departure at


3:00 p.m

3:15 p.m 5:15 p.m


Group price for 25 people minimum.

Adults : EUR 14,00
Children 5-12 years old : EUR 12,20
Children under 5 : free
Drinks on board : EUR 2,70

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Useful information

In service from April, 28th till November 12th,2017. Additional departure at 15:15 p.m everyday from July 14th to August 20th, 2017.

Tickets are on sale at the ticket office located at the "Quai Napoléon III" at the Annecy port (in front of Ms Libellule).

Boarding 15 minutes before departure time: "Quai Napoléon III" at the Annecy port.

2-hour cruise with commentary, starting from Annecy.

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